Nata Physical Testing

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STANDARD: ISO/IEC 17025:2005

National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia

Nepean Rubber & Plastics has a NATA-accredited mechanical testing facility for the tests, calibrations and measurements listed in the terms of accreditation shown below. Tests in accordance with the accreditation are carried out.

13.28 Rubber and related products

•.11 Tension tests
Tests in the range 40 N to 5 kN to AS 1683.11 and ASTM D412

•.12 Tear tests
Tests in the range 40 N to 5 kN to AS 1683.12 and ASTM D624

•.14 Compression set tests
Tests at constant strain to AS 1683.13 and ASTM D395

•.15 Hardness tests
IRHD to AS 1683.15.1 and ASTM D1415
Shore A to AS 1683.15.2 and ASTM D2240

•.21 Ageing and environmental tests
Dry heat to AS 1683.26 and ASTM D573

•.61 Elastomeric bearings
All tests below in the range 70 kN to 8000 kN
Proof loading and stability tests
Stiffness in compression and stiffness in shear at ambient temperatures to AS1523 Appendix A (1981), AS5100.4/AP-G15.4/04, AUSTROADS 92 and similar standards

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