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Plumbing and Drainage

Plumbing Fittings

Nepean Rubber Mouldings has been manufacturing rubber components for the plumbing and draining industry for almost 50 years. We have tooling for a large range of plumbing fittings including:

• Flush pipe cones
• Pan Collars
• Solar Pool Heating Grommets
• Roofing Washers
• Sink plungers
• Cistern Gaskets
• Bath Plugs - 32mm, 38mm, 50mm
• Sewer Rings
• Man hole gaskets
• Pipe Plug

Flow Control

Our technical team can assist with the development of products to meet specific performance criteria. We can manufacture in LSR, and silicone for high temperature applications and rubber to metal bonded valves to one meter in diameter.s

Paving Drain Pads

Nepean Rubber manufactures drainage pads that are installed under pavers to aid in drainage across the site. They are ideal for installation in roof top areas and in large scale areas. They lift the pavers above the surface allowing water to travel to the drainage points. Being made of natural rubber they absorb sound well.

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