Compounded Rubber

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Abrasion resistance, wear, bond strength, compressibility & resiliency are all properties each important to the performance of your rubber components. These properties are often difficult to balance in proper proportions to achieve the wear and performance characteristics required. Australian Ultra Polymers – a division of Nepean Rubber and Plastics brings to the industry experience of many years of special purpose material design and development experience to combine with your needs and environmental conditions.

To meet ever-changing material needs, our rubber technologists, Laboratory Assistants and staff are well qualified and experienced in the formulation of rubber compounds for both routine and specialty requirements. We can mix material to your formulations or give us the environmental service conditions your product must withstand and we'll recommend one of our existing compounds or develop a special compound just for you. Certain compounds can be produced in translucent and custom colours if you desire. We work regularly with all the elastomers from natural rubber through a broad range of synthetics.

We offer NATA approved testing at our in-house NATA accredited Laboratory for
Tensile, , Durometer Hardness  type –A , IRHD Hardness, Elongation at break, Tear Resistance – Die - C, Compression Set, Heat Ageing Test
We also report Rheometer on all manufactured batches

We mix the rubber materials we use in our production at our own custom mixing facility. This significant capability allows us to maintain tight control over material quality response times and tailor material to your specifications.

We supply outside customers, as well as our own operations, with mill slabs, calendared sheets, or extrusions for specific processing needs. We are not limited to large production runs. We will also readily fill your small volume orders for prototyping and short run needs.

We have complete confidence in our ability and have the capability to fulfil your needs such as - the type of polymer, the physical properties, the colour, the quantity, or the quality. At Nepean Rubber we will attempt to satisfy the most stringent of customer requirements.

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