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Nepean Rubber Mouldings has a NATA-accredited mechanical testing facility for the tests, calibrations and measurements listed in the terms of accreditation shown below. Tests in accordance with the accreditation are carried out.

For purpose built tooling for parts, there is a choice of moulding processes. When quoting, technical staff will provide a price for tooling and one for parts, there will often be a choice of the type of tooling and the number of cavities as well.

The most appropriate process will depend on the estimated annual volume and the size of the parts to be moulded.

Tooling prices and part prices will vary depending on the process chosen.

Most products can be made in most of the base polymers and in many colours. Nepean Rubber & Plastics can develop a compound to meet specific operating criteria. We have our own testing facility to test for hardness, tensile strength, compression set, cycle testing and heat aging and use outside testing services where necessary.


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